July 16

Article: REIAoN participates at the Intersolar-Europe, in Munich Germany


Namibia’s Renewable Energy Industry Association (REIAoN) and the German Solar Association (BSW) joined forces as representatives from both organizations attended the highly anticipated Intersolar Europe 2023 in München, Germany. From June 13th to June 16th, this prestigious event served as a platform for in-depth discussions on the latest advancements and trends in the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) industry.

The conference provided an invaluable opportunity to explore global efforts aimed at decarbonizing the world through the utilization of solar PV technology. As representatives from Namibia, REIAoN was particularly interested in understanding the measures taken by various countries to leverage solar PV for sustainable energy solutions.

REIAoN’s active participation included engagement in enlightening panel discussions that covered a wide range of topics, addressing key industry concerns. Some of the notable panel discussions were:

On-Grid Goes Off-Grid – Roundtable Discussion: This session shed light on the significance of off-grid systems, emphasizing their vital role in connecting households and businesses that lack access to national grids.

Opportunities in the Namibian Solar Market: First-Hand Information from the Namibian-German Association Partnership: A dedicated panel discussion aimed at attracting investors to Namibia’s renewable energy sector, showcasing the immense potential it holds. Despite its abundant solar resources, Namibia still relies heavily on electricity imports from neighboring countries.

Communications and Corporate Sourcing, African Associations: During this workshop, we delved into strategic communication practices and best practices in the business sector, with a particular focus on corporate sourcing through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Notably, the workshop featured insightful presentations, including the RE-Source platform’s comprehensive guide to corporate sourcing

Global Associations Workshop – Next Steps: This engaging workshop provided us with the opportunity to present the latest developments in Solar PV in Namibia while also gaining valuable insights from other countries’ endeavors and achievements in the field.

REIAoN’s activities at Intersolar Europe 2023 demonstrated Namibia’s commitment to embracing renewable energy solutions and fostering fruitful collaborations on a global scale. By actively engaging in panel discussions and workshops, we played a vital role in promoting sustainable energy practices and exploring avenues for future growth.

Overall, the visit to Intersolar Europe 2023 proved to be a fruitful endeavor, providing us with valuable insights, fostering collaborations, and strengthening Namibia’s position in the renewable energy sector. We look forward to implementing the knowledge gained and working towards a sustainable and greener future.


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