May 15

Namibia’s Green Hydrogen Industry Incubation Forum


28 MAY 2024, Windhoek, Namibia


REIAoN urges Namibia’s renewable energy and construction industry players to take this opportunity to familiarise themselves with the technical aspects and related opportunities presented by the Hyphen Hydrogen Project at an event organised by the private-sector, non-governmental organisations, CIF Namibia and REIAoN.

Details are as follows:

Member Registration Fee: NAD 4723.45 + 15% VAT
Non-Member Registration Fee: NAD 6141.25 + 15% VAT
Please note, the early bird registration fee is applicable if booked and paid until 17 May 2024.

Early Bird Registration Fee:

Members: NAD 3149.25 + 15% VAT
Non-Members NAD 4093.60 + 15% VAT

The Green Hydrogen Industry Incubation Forum on 28 May 2024 will be followed by three, two-hour evening break-out sessions. The discussions will include: Industry Cooperation and Readiness, Hurdles and Enablers and Industry Matchmaking Plans.

If you are a contractor in Namibia’s renewable energy and construction sector, and you would like to register for the Green Hydrogen Industry Incubation Forum and subsequent break-out sessions, please contact the CIF Namibia at for the programme and registration form.

Please note, that this forum focusses on the TECHNICAL aspects of the project. The target group is therefore members of both organisations or contractors in the renewable energy or construction sector.

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