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The Board

The REIAoN Board appointed in 2019 has had the task of rejuvenating and directing the Association to better reflect the major sectoral evolution and growth that has taken place since the Association was first established in 2008. The Current 2022 Board consists of:

Jan-Barend Scheepers

Acting Chairperson

Project Manager and Project Developer for InnoSun Energy Holding (Pty) Ltd in Namibia since 2015 with direct experience in developing, implementing and operating Namibia’s first utility scale solar and wind farms as an Independent Power Producer.

Alastair Aspara

Vice Chairperson

Founder of Protecton, an EPC involved in electricity (generation, transmission, distribution and consumption) and telecommunications projects. His broad focus area includes the design, management and governance of electricity and telecommunications infrastructure. He sees REIAoN as an organization that is vital in guiding stakeholders in the energy sector of Namibia toward an enabling environment for the increased penetration of RE sources.

Paulus Mulunga


Managing Member and Founder of Light Systems Namibia, a Renewable Technology Company. Light Systems Namibia is a Technology and Data Company focused on Sustainable Energy Solutions. Light Systems Namibia deploys it’s standardised Energy Solutions as an alternative conventional supplier. These Solutions include the latest technologies supported by the latest in information systems to raise efficiencies and lower costs.

Colin Malan Lindeque


Colin is a cofounder and Managing Director of Carbon Capital, and a founding member of Acacia Energy. He is a biomass, biotechnology, and business development specialist. Colin has developed and managed numerous projects, most notably, the Namibian Biomass Industry Group, the local biomass association, where he currently chairs the Board of Directors.

Lauren Davidson

REIAoN Programme Manager

Lauren Davidson currently works at the Chamber of Mines of Namibia, where she has built over ten years’ experience in industry represented member-based organisations, which includes policy advocacy, stakeholder engagement, project management, research and communication. Lauren is passionate about creating and facilitating support systems that serve strategic purposes and objectives which are aligned to sustainable economic development and growth. She holds a Masters Degree in Development Management, A Bachelors of Commerce in Economics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism.

Anna Hamukwaya

REIAoN Administrator

Anna Hamukwaya has over 7 years of corporate experience, which includes Administration, Marketing, Office management as well as Events management. Before joining REIAoN, she has worked in two other Section 21 organisations, where she has gained knowledge and experience in member based organisations. Anna holds a bachelors in Business Management from the Namibia University of Science & Technology.