About REIAoN

REIAoN was founded in May 2008 by 30 individuals from leading commercial companies in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sector. The aim was to provide a forum for Namibian businesses in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sector to set technical and ethical standards.

Such standards are meant to secure the customers of quality technology and reliable service provision. REIAoN members therefore operate in full alignment with the CODE OF CONDUCT .

The objective was to give emphasis to:

  • Industry representation
  • Promoting & educating renewable energy
  • Adhering to quality standards
  • Lobbying for renewable energy issues
  • Establishing professional relationships with national and international bodies with similar objectives

How To Join

To become a new REIAoN member, please complete and submit the online application form below.

Our REIAoN admin will respond to your application submission within 24 hours with your membership details and how to pay your annual membership dues. If you have any questions or issues with your application, please email our admin at

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Additional New Member Information

On acceptance of your membership, an invoice for your membership dues and our Code of Membership will be issued to you.

Membership Fees for the 2023 calendar year (in NAD)

  • International IPP Member: N$ 15,000 per year
  • Local IPP Member: N$ 5,000 per year
  • Company Member: N$ 3,000 per year
  • Consultant Member: N$ 2,000 per year
  • Associated Member: N$ 2,000 per year
  • Individual Member: N$ 1,500 per year
  • Student Member: N$ 500 per year

* Limited advertising space is available on our website or organization letterhead for a separate sponsorship fee.

Membership Definitions

Local IPP: includes all entities who have direct equity stake in a Licenced Generator in Namibia or Developers.

International IPP: includes all IPP entities without local Licensed Generation in Namibia

Company: includes all entities who contract or provide service in the sector, but who are not an IPP.

Consultant: includes all person/s who contract or provide services in the sector, but who is not an IPP or Company.

Associated Member: includes all entities who are not an IPP, Company, Consultant, but provide services, commentary or any form of financing within the sector.

Individual: includes all persons who are not an IPP, Company, Consultant nor Associated Member.

Member Benefits

1. Industry representation on critical matters affecting the renewable energy with Government and regulatory institutions.

2. Representation, access and advocacy on your behalf with key stakeholders in the interest of renewable energy and developing the renewable energy sector in Namibia

3. Establishing professional relationships with national and international bodies with similar objectives.

4. Members are kept abreast of methods of best practice in the RE space, new technical advancements and commercial opportunities.

5. Opportunity to be featured for free in the prominent Etango Newsletter, as well as advertising options at a discounted rate

6. Opportunity to be featured in REIAoN Newsletter, as well as website and email marketing platforms.

7. New Member certificate, increasingly valuable for engagements with financial and other institutions.

8. Benefits of regular engagement by REIAoN social media platforms.

9. Fireside chats related to interesting and relevant topics between members.

10. Discount on organised training events relevant to the sector.

11. Invitations to public events related to renewable energy.