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Why solar makes Namibia prosperous

We live in times of a widening electricity supply gap in Namibia. There are two answers to this problem: the conventional i. e. centralised one and the de-centralised Solar answer. Let me tell the story the way my friend Harald Schütt from

How to mobilize the Namibian Masses for Solar?

Something is happening outside Namibia which is of extreme relevance for our country! It reminds me of the 1960ies and the beginning of the liberation struggle. Starting from Ghana the African winds of change were noticed in Namibia and motivated a number

Size matters: the PV-Solar roll-out in Namibia

Grid parity is currently arriving in Namibia. Re-visiting the 2009 forecast (ETANGO 2/2009, page 6) on grid parity makes quite interesting reading. Several large-scale PV solar project applications are pending with the Electricity Control Board (ECB). The authorities are currently re-thinking their

From Energy Consumer to Energy Prosumer

In Africa the case of modern energy provision is a special one. Our currencies (and incomes) are about 10 times weaker than those of the developed world, which is mainly in control of the finite resources. But we have to pay the

Why it is important to join REIAoN?

The Renewable Energy Industry Association of Namibia The Renewable Energy Industry Association of Namibia (REIAoN) is a membership based organisation for promoting the cause of companies and individuals active in Namibia’s commercial renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE&EE) sector. The Namibian market

We are shaping the future of Renewable Energy

Living and working in Namibia I am sometimes reminded of my German roots, asking myself if there is something helpful to learn in terms of renewable energy. In how far can the structural development of the industrialised countries set an example for