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REIAoN, while being a membership-based organization is currently focused on providing a collective platform and information conduit and will in time expand its offerings and scope. Initially the Board of 2019 has prioritized the formation and establishment of a strong foundation.

Despite abundant diversity in exciting opportunities which REIAoN can become involved in, as well as many very enthusiastic and passionate members, the Association must first learn to crawl before it starts to run.

As the Association grows in membership base, financial strength, brand exposure, REIAoN will iterate and increase its membership benefits. However, in the short term, with limited resources REIAoN invites its members to propose projects, tasks, events and services which that member might be happy to lead in implementation for a dual benefit between the Association and the contributing or volunteering member.

REIAoN’s constitution makes allowance for this through the establishment of a Project Leader and a Task Team. Projects can be proposed to the board with brief written description for review and potential board approval.

Should a proposed project or task require financial backing, REIAoN will facilitate possible grant funding from within its membership base and over time develop relationships within the donor community.

In future REIAoN aims to gradually develop some key services as its capacity matures. Some points include:

  1. Increase its role in becoming a platform through which tenders can be advertised to its members.
  2. Fulfill a role as an independent dispute adjudication board within the sector and between members
  3. Establish some technical guidelines or standards applicable to the Namibian context.
  4. Have bi-annual award events which celebrate the best innovations within Renewable Energy in Namibia.
  5. Become a stronger lobby to advocate for improved policy and sectoral growth.