February 7

Why It Is Important to Join REIAoN?


The Renewable Energy Industry Association of Namibia

The Renewable Energy Industry Association of Namibia (REIAoN) is a membership based organisation for promoting the cause of companies and individuals active in Namibia’s commercial renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE&EE) sector.
The Namibian market for renewable energy technologies (RETs) is growing fast and in some fields like PV even exponentially. While the volumes are growing the industry needs representation, structure and transparency. REIAoN does not only represent Wind Energy, Photovoltaics and Solar Water Heating; Solar Thermal Power Generation, bio fuel production and the energy-efficiency sector form part as well.

Skyrocketing energy tariffs create new opportunities and open up existing avenues for the focused penetration of the country’s energy sector using RE and EE technologies. In addition, the country’s electricity supply sector faces severe challenges, in that the country’s demand for electrical energy is outstripping the available supplies, including those that were in the past acquired from Namibia’s neighbours. (Adapted from an assessment paper by Dr. Detlof von Oertzen, VO Consulting)

Founded in May 2008 by 30 individuals, REIAoN currently has 23 paid-up members. The current board consists of Conrad Roedern (Chairman), Leonhard Eins (Secretary and Heiner Dörgeloh (Treasurer)

Typical fields of engagement are:

  • Representation of the industry
  • Promotion of renewable energy for Namibia’s development
  • Training Standards
  • Net metering Standards
  • Maintaining product quality and service standards
  • Establishing professional relationships with national and international bodies with similar objectives
  • Furnishing news and information to our members and the wider public using electronic media like email and the Internet (www.reiaon.com

Our RE industry must realize the danger of being overrun or marginalised by foreign players if a vacuum in local capacity and performance leaves too much room for foreign intruders. Currently the association is active for its members in a number of issues like preparing the process for net metering legislation together with the Electricity Control Board (ECB) and the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) as implementing institutions. Cooperating with NamPower in their up-coming roll-out of demand-side-management (DSM) measures is another task of high opportunity. For this REIAoN requires the necessary standing and stamina.

To achieve all this, the number of members has to grow meaningful. We would like to see more members: next to the missing entrepreneurs in Solar especially those from the more exotic flocks of renewable energy like the bio mass producers.

Otherwise we might get stuck within the devil’s circle of insignificance: few members, weak representation – makes potential new members shying away from subscribing. The local industry, which – for decades – pushed the “Solar wagon” through deep sand until arriving at the current point of opportunity, would forgo its rightful participation in harvesting the fruits it tediously helped to grow.

Now how to become a member? Return the completed subscription form – available from our website or from our secretary Leonhard Eins (leonhard.eins@ase.com.na) – together with the annual membership fee (currently N$ 2000).

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